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3 Research Place, Suite 103
Rockville, MD 20850




Our customers get the use of our moving truck for free!

The Mortgage Link, Inc. would like to offer you complimentary use of our moving truck as a thank you for partnering with us and our partners.

We allow a maximum of two consecutive days for weekday rentals.

Friday rental pick ups can be used over the weekend and returned Monday morning at 9 am.

The following applies to all rentals:

  • Truck use is for customers and partners customers
  • You must be 21 or older to drive the truck
  • You must have a valid / current drivers license
  • You must provide proof of insurance
  • You will need to provide all required documents and complete a rental agreement upon pick up
  • A credit card will be required in case late drop off fees, gas fees or cleaning fees apply (please see your rental agreement for details)
  • The truck can be rented for a maximum of 2 consecutive weekdays.
  • Friday rentals can be used through the weekend but must be returned Monday 9 am or late charges will be applied
  • Only one rental period per person
  • The same requirements and information are required for any other drivers of the truck
  • Only drivers that have filled in the rental agreement and provide required documents are allowed to use the truck
  • The truck must be picked up between 9:30 am and 10:30 am on the date of your reservation
  • The truck must be returned by no later than 4 pm on your return date (Friday rental pick ups must be returned by 9:00 am Monday)
  • The truck must be returned with the gas tank full or charges will be applied
  • The truck must be returned clean and empty of all garbage or charges will be applied
  • The truck must be returned on time or charges will be applied

Contact your loan officer to reserve our moving truck today!